About the Project

Fukushima HOPE Project was established to protect the mental and physical health,to care for the spirit, and to provide hope for the future of the children and families of Fukushima Prefecture, who are at risk of health damage from radioactive contamination resulting from the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. 

What's New?

February 3-4th, 2018

Winter Snow & Ski Camp


38 campers (26 children and 10 adults) spent 2 glorious sunny days at Mt.Bandai.  Campers enjoyed snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, sledding, and discovered fresh animal tracks within the gorgeous scenic views of fresh white mountainous snow!


We extend our gratitude to all who support Fukushima Hope Project and all the volunteers who made this camp possible!


August 1 - 3, 2017

Niigata Summer Camp


From August 1st to the 3rd, nearly 30 participants and volunteers were able to retreat into the mountains of Niigata for a 3-day summer camp.  Participants enjoyed a variety of games and riverside activities.  We had perfect weather conditions and were amazed at how well the children bonded with each other. 

Hope Cafe


In June 2017 we began hosting small gatherings for mothers to enjoy a bit of self-care by engaging in some art making while socializing over a cup of tea.  We called these gatherings "Hope Cafes".  Throughout the months of June and July participants at the Hope Cafes engaged in collage making along the themes of "joy" and "gratitude".  The Cafes were held at four different churches in Fukushima prefecture: 1) Fukushima Bible Church 2) Fukushima Izumi Lutheran Church 3) Sukagawa Grace Church and 4) Koriyama Kirisuto Fukuin Church.  We anticipate continuing the Hope Cafe with varying art projects and themes.

The 21st & 22nd Fukushima HOPE Camp Reports

The 21st camp, Miyagi Zoo Camp, was held on March 29-31.  We visited Yagiyama Zoo, made kites and flew them, had a group game time, and enjoyed shopping at a nearby service area on the way back. 

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The 20th Fukushima HOPE Camp in Inawashiro

The 20th HOPE Camp was held Feb. 14-15 at Bandai Youth Recreation Center in Inawashiro.  
The weather cleared up for us to enjoy the snowshoeing and sledding /tubing time. Everyone also enjoyed making valentine's day (thank-you) cards in the evening. 
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Happy New Year!

Thank you for your interest and support for Fukushima HOPE Project in 2014!

We will continue to hold various programs  in 2015 to help children and parents living in Fukushima.

Please continue to pray for us and walk along with us.

Fall Bandai Camp Report

The 20th Fukushima HOPE - Fall Bandai Camp was held at National Bandai Youth Friendship Center in Nov. 22-24.
We had a smaller group this time, but the children were as energetic as ever, running and playing outside.

The rain stopped us in the half way during the walk rally on the 2nd day, but the indoor orienteering was just as fun and exciting!

The camp was concluded with making and tasting ice cream at a farm.
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The 18th Fukushima HOPE Camp - This Weekend

The 19th Fukushima HOPE Camp will be held starting this Saturday. We will be going to Inawashiro area and will enjoy hiking, ice cream making, games and crafts.